Top 3 Tips for Selling a Home During Winter

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, February 17th, 2020 at 7:27am.

3 Ways to Help Sell Your Home During WinterMany homeowners try to avoid selling their home during the winter months because it’s a less popular season for both buying and selling. However, when a Lynx Ridge homeowner needs to sell their home, they often don’t have the luxury of waiting several months for a more desirable time. While it can seem more difficult to sell a home during the winter, it’s by no means impossible to do so. Just like selling a home during the spring or summer, homeowners need to focus on the home showings and creating a good first impression with potential buyers. Here are some of the best ways to put a home’s best foot forward during the winter season.

Keep the Home Bright

Everyone who lives here in Canada is well-aware of how little sunlight there is during the winters. In addition, many home buyers fit house hunting in around their schedule, which often means going to showings after work, when the sun has already set. Because of this, homes can come off as dark and dreary if the homeowners haven’t done anything to help it. Homeowners should make a round through their home and turn all the lights on in every room. Also, it’s helpful to turn on a porch light to help make the home easier to find for guests. Having a home that is bright can make a home look  and feel more welcoming, which can help improve a buyer’s first impression of the home.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Even when there’s snow covering the ground, homeowners can’t skip out on curb appeal. While many of the typical curb appeal chores are also summertime chores, some of them can be done regardless of season. For instance, homeowners should keep their windows clean and home free from damage. If something happens to the home, the homeowner should be quick to get it fixed up and looking its best for buyers. Another important part of curb appeal is keeping the driveway and walkways shoveled. This makes the home look more welcoming to buyers because it shows them that they are expected guests.

Seal Any Drafts

During a cold winter, everyone can tell if there’s a draft inside a home. Homeowners should walk through their home and feel for cold air coming into the home. The most common places for drafts to occur are around windows and doors, so homeowners should pay special attention to those areas. If drafts are found, there are a few different ways homeowners can remedy them:

  • Weather stripping, which can be a good option beneath doors
  • Caulking, which be a good option for use around windows
  • Door snakes, which aren’t permanent but can be a quick fix

When a buyer goes into a home and feels a draft, it can make them feel like it’s something that they will need to fix on their own if they choose to buy the home, and that’s in addition to anything else they see that they want to fix or change. The more little fixes a homeowner completes before showing their home, the more they can help improve their home’s first impression with buyers.

Selling during the winter can feel like it’s more difficult than any other season, and the winter does provide its own challenges. Following these three helpful tips can be a great place to start, but they aren’t the only things homeowners can do.

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