February 2019

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Why You Should Use a Drone For Home PhotographyIt’s no secret that when it comes to selling a home that the homeowner needs to ensure that every listing they post has high quality photos so buyers have an accurate representation of what they’re seeing. The classic way of doing this is just for the seller to take photos themselves or hire a professional photographer to do it for them. However, with improving technology comes a new way of taking photos: using drones. Here are some of the different ways drones can be used and why using them can be helpful when selling a home.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. Drones Are Affordable

Homeowners don’t have to purchase their own drone

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Remodeling a bathroom may help your home sell faster, but at what cost? Here are some bathroom remodeling projects offering a high-ROI.Many real estate professionals will suggest a bathroom or kitchen remodel as a way to sell a home quicker and for more money. The problem is will the seller get a return on that investment? HomeAdvisor states the average bathroom remodeling project costs about $10,500 and can be as high as $25,000.

A major bathroom remodeling project may be so expensive it may cost the homeowner in the long run. What most homeowners are looking for are relatively inexpensive bathroom renovation projects that offer a high return on investment. Here are some to consider, some can be done by the homeowner, others by a professional.

Paint and Wall Treatments

You don't get a much easier or less expensive upgrade than a fresh coat of paint. Consider selecting a

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Everything You Need to Know About WinterizingDuring the winter months, homes have a way of getting cold and drafty. Chilly temperatures make problems for homeowners for a variety of reasons. Winterizing at this time of year can save homeowners time and money. If you're a homeowner who would like to take care of your property, here's what you can do to protect your home in the winter months.

Install Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping can take many forms, but commonly weatherstripping takes the form of foam strips installed around window and door frames. Weatherstripping closes the gap between the window and door, thus preventing drafts from making rooms uncomfortable when temperatures outside drop.

>Weatherstripping is easy to install, and can be installed by homeowners without

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