November 2017

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Questions to Ask When Buying a New Construction HouseThere's a lot of information out there to help home buyers find an existing home, but what happens when you're looking for new construction? It's a totally different process, so you must approach it in a different way. Here's what to ask when looking to buy a home that's new construction.

1. How reputable is the builder?

Reputation matters when seeking a new construction home. If the builder has a poor reputation, they may be known for building subpar homes, not delivering the homes on time, or exhibiting another flaw that impacts your home ownership. Look for builders that have strong reputations and a track record of proven success with other communities, so you'll be able to rely on them to deliver your home on time.

2. How do home owners

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Energy Efficient Home Improvements With the Biggest SavingsMaking energy efficient changes in all aspects of our lives has become a primary concern for many people. One of the areas that people place a lot of focus on are their homes. There are several different home improvement projects that can be completed and can make the home more energy efficient. These are some of the most common ones that are completed as well as a little bit about the process.

Getting an Energy Efficiency Audit

Before homeowners complete any work on their home, it is important to get an energy efficiency audit completed. This is because it is important to know where you currently stand before any work is done, in places like Discovery Ridge or elsewhere. This will tell homeowners where their weak links are in their home and

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