Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 at 9:22am.

4 Great Lighting Ideas For Your HomeWhen decorating an Upper Mount Royal home , most people think almost exclusively about furniture. Sofas and tables and chairs are all extremely important for completing a home’s unique look, but homeowners often don’t think very much about lighting beyond an accent lamp or two. Lighting is extremely important in homes, as it can drastically change the mood in a room and give it a new feeling with very little work. Here are some popular ways to use lighting in different rooms around the home that homeowners should try playing around with and using in their own homes.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Lighting in a kitchen is extremely important because no one wants any accidents to occur while making dinner due to not having enough light. For kitchens, a great idea for casting extra light on the countertops is by installing some under-cabinet lighting. This sort of lighting is easy to install, and homeowners can often get it in any color they want—no need to be limited to just white light. And most importantly, it casts a lot of light down on the kitchen’s work surfaces, ensuring that homeowners won’t make any mistakes because it was too dim to see properly.

Normal overhead lighting is also important in a kitchen. While having under-cabinet lighting is a great addition that may boost your kitchen's ROI, it doesn’t mean homeowners can skip out on the main light source.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathrooms need high visibility so people can prepare themselves for the new day. Because of this, overhead lighting shouldn’t be relied upon due to how it casts shadows downward, so it can make putting on makeup or checking on appearances difficult. Vanity lighting surrounds mirrors or is placed overtop them to illuminate the person standing in front of the mirror without casting unsightly shadows

Homeowners can also buy a bathroom exhaust fan that has a light built in, which can be convenient for normal bathroom needs. Upgrading the lighting in your bathroom can even create a high ROI.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Chandeliers are the classic lighting option for dining rooms, and they’re a timeless choice that is difficult to go wrong with. Chandeliers come in a variety of different styles, from century gothic to rustic chic and beyond, so there’s a chandelier for every aesthetic. 

Wall-mounted sconces can also be a good idea for people who want something a little more uncommon than the traditional chandelier. Sconces provide a unique lighting source that not many people have in their homes. A dimmer switch can also be a great idea for creating mood lighting.

Patio Lighting Ideas

Patios create a lot of different opportunities for lighting. Depending on the budget and what the homeowner likes, there are a lot of different routes that can be taken. Fairy lights are a popular choice because they make outdoor spaces feel a bit more enclosed by making a thin barrier of lights, and they have an ethereal quality about them that other lights don’t. Solar-powered lights are also a great idea, because they don’t even require the homeowner to turn them on. After charging all day long, they come on automatically when it gets dark, so they’re a great choice for homeowners who like to keep their home low maintenance. 

Homeowners can customize their homes even more than before by utilizing different types of lighting to brighten everything up. Lighting is so much more than just table lamps and choosing white light or yellow light when selecting bulbs. Any of these ideas can be a great way to get started on customizing a home’s lighting and making it truly unique.

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