January 2017

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From December to March, Calgary streets, sidewalks and pathways can be cold and icy.  There are hardy individuals that walk or run no matter what the weather, but there are plenty of facilities in Calgary where you can get your 10,000 daily steps done in climate controlled comfort, without the burden of a heavy winter jacket.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise there is.  There’s no special equipment required and it helps beat the winter blues.  It helps to strengthen your muscles, keeps your joints moving and can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Some of the places listed below are free and others charge an admission fee.  Check our list of places to walk indoors and find a place close to your Calgary home.  Then start taking steps towards a

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Ordering in food doesn’t have to mean pizza and Chinese Food.  Thanks to technology and a growing appetite for laziness in the kitchen, enjoying the cuisine of your favourite Calgary restaurant and skipping the dishes is easy as installing an app.  The Skip the Dishes app.

Order using your Smartphone or the Skip the Dishes website and find the line up of good restaurants in your area of the city.  Access the restaurant’s menu – you can order from multiple restaurants if you want.   Complete your order and the app connects you immediately with the restaurant.  Gone are the days of standing by the front window or down at the front door of your building watching and waiting for the delivery driver to come with your food.

Skip the Dishes has modernized

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With miles of pathways along river banks and creeks, Calgary is a great city to exercise in.  If CrossFit is part of your fitness routine, you’re sure to find a gym close to your Calgary home.

CrossFit has been around since it was developed in 2000.  Unlike a gym with weights and treadmills, CrossFit provides a workout for the entire body, combining the best of cardio, weights, core training and even some elements of gymnastics.  Often incorporated into a boot-camp style of workout, this high-intensity program offers a ton of variety and gives you the most bang for your buck.  Each 45 to 60-minute workout rarely gets boring.  CrossFit gyms are in large facilities, similar to a warehouse, with programs offered in a class setting. 

There are CrossFit

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