May 2019

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Easy and Affordable Ways to Upgrade Home CabinetryThose not into that retro look but without a lot of money to spend on renovating an entire room may want to look into how small changes can improve the look of a space. When it comes to home cabinetry in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, it is relatively easy to make affordable upgrades to create a space that is more attractive and functional. Upgraded kitchens often help sell a home more quickly and for more money. Explore a few home cabinetry improvement projects today.

Homeowners Looking for ROI

Even though homeowners looking to get a high return on investment (ROI) often renovate their kitchens, average costs for a kitchen renovation can vary. The extent of the project, the quality of the materials, the size of the kitchen and when a home

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Building a Home AdditionInstead of buying a new home, many current homeowners consider adding an addition onto the existing home. There are a few factors to consider before constructing a home addition. In order to legally construct a home addition that meets specific needs, there are a few areas worth looking into, as not doing so may create safety hazards and make it harder to sell a home. Explore how to construct an addition that will meet necessary requirements and homeowner preferences.

Start a Wish List

Begin composing a list of all that is wanted, keeping in mind the problems to be solved or goals to be achieved. Some desires homeowners may have include increasing space in an area or having better space and access for entertaining. Ranking improvements in

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