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House insurance is a policy taken to protect against loss or damage of property in the home. The usual forms of insurance are against theft, damage, fire and other disasters but you may have to get a separate rider for valuables. Every home owner must identify and purchase the right house insurance.  Here are some useful guidelines to help you get the best insurance policy.

Where can you get information?

The easiest and the most trusted information is available from the insurance companies themselves. Their newsletters and published policies will give you the most accurate information on all of their products. The Internet is the fastest way to access this data. Skip the sales part of the official company’s website and look at the factual

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Home staging in Calgary, either by the owner, a real estate agent or a professional stager, is a common practice in real estate today. It involves renting furniture and other accessories to put in a house that would otherwise be empty. This helps prospective buyers visualize how the house would look when it is fully furnished. This furnishing is also done to highlight the good aspects of the house and give the prospective buyers ideas on how different spaces can be used and furnished.

Staging a house has been shown to increase the selling price as well as draw a lot of interest from prospective buyers in comparison to an empty house. A staged house will give beautiful photographs that can be used online.  No one can question the value of home staging

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When you are planning to visit an open house always keep in mind that there is an "open door" policy and that it could be the listing agent, a buyer's agent or the homeowner that is in the house holding the event. When you are entering an open house, always make sure contact is established with the person in charge before exploring the home.

Possible agents you may come across:

1. The preoccupied agent who is there simply because he has to keep the customer happy. If the agent is not interested in the selling of the house himself, he may stay in another room and make information available to the public on a table.

2. The engaging type of agent usually greets those who are interested in the house or dwelling personally at the main entrance and generally

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The new GoodLife Fitness Center has opened in the Bank of Montréal building in downtown Calgary. Now, people that work or live close to the downtown core can work out surrounded by limestone, Corinthian columns and natural light. This building on Stephen Avenue is the former home of the Bank of Montréal and has been sitting vacant for quite a while now.

This will be the flagship club for Calgary and one that will be welcomed by many Calgarians that have made New Year's resolutions this year to become fit and to lose weight. The CEO and founder of GoodLife Fitness, David Patchell-Evans, chose this building due to its fantastic location right in the heart of the business core.

It took more than a year to restore this historic building’s basement, main

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Calgary luxury green homes are the new trend in housing. This trend describes houses that have a better impact on the environment compared to normal houses. The trend to go green is growing fast and becoming more than just a “novelty”. This need for green will grow as every year passes due to the high cost of power, more awareness of the climate and a society than is more informed about building eco-friendly homes and properties.

In the long run, new Calgary green homes are much cheaper to run and maintain. Savings are in the form of recycling, harvesting water and using energy efficient power systems. Green properties also have a positive effect on the health of the community, drastically reducing the cost of medical care.

Luxury green homes offer

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If you’re like thousands of people across the world, you've made some New Year's resolutions this year. According to statistics, 1/4 of the people that make resolutions will only stick to them for a week. Another 1/4 will have completely broken their resolutions in a month.

The good news is that if you can hold on until the end of the month, there's a good chance that you'll be able to stick to your resolutions until the summer. These numbers are coming from a research study connected by Scranton University and these figures make a lot of sense. We all know how difficult it can be to stick to our resolutions! Furthermore, the research also looked at how people can make their resolutions stick. Here are some of the suggestions that were gleaned from the

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