October 2017

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What's the Value of Residential Solar Panels?Adding solar panels to your home is a major undertaking in terms of expense and affect on your home's value. How much will going solar really change things for you? Find out the value of adding residential solar panels by weighing the pros against the cons.

What are the Advantages of Residential Solar Panels?

Once you add solar panels, they'll start to generate free, renewable energy. Whether you want to reduce your dependence on coal or oil or save money on utility bills, this is a net bonus.

Central Canada gets the most sun exposure, since the coasts experience greater cloud cover. No matter where in Canada you live, solar panels will produce energy if your house gets sufficient sun exposure. If your solar panels produce more energy than

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Should You Hire a Professional or Do DIY?When it's time to complete a home improvement project, some homeowners choose DIY and some hire a contractor. Picking who should complete a home improvement project can be a challenge, because many factors must be taken under consideration. Experience, budget issues, safety and the potential for damage are all serious issues that can influence the decision.

Experience and Expertise

Some home improvement projects require a certain level of experience and expertise, others do not. Basic home improvement projects like interior painting, installation of a new shower head, repairing a leaky faucet and fixing a running toilet are all relatively simple projects that do not require expertise to be completed.

Other home improvement projects are not

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How to Start DownsizingIt may seem like yesterday when you were looking for a home with more space to meet the demands of a growing family. Now you find that you would be happy living in a smaller home with much less “stuff.” The minimalist concept, tiny home movement and potential cost-savings may be part of the driving force causing homeowners to consider scaling down their home and possessions for a more stress-free lifestyle. How can homeowners get started on eliminating the unnecessary when selling their home and determining what they actually need to enjoy life on a smaller scale?

Learn how to get started on downsizing and what important considerations should be kept top-of-mind during the process.

How Quickly Should Homeowners Let Go?

According to Right at

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The Difference Between Preapproval and PrequalificationWhen you make an offer on a home, it's important to be as financially prepared as possible. Understanding the pre-approval process, how mortgage pre-approval can help you purchase a home and what you can do to get pre-approved can help you make a competitive offer when it's time to buy a home.

Difference Between Mortgage Pre-Qualification and Mortgage Pre-Approval

When you start working with a lender, one of the first things the lender may ask is whether or not you would like to be pre-qualified or pre-approved. Knowing the difference between these two statuses can help you make a smart decision.

Mortgage pre-qualification is a fast, easy process. To become pre-qualified, the buyer supplies the lender with financial information like income,

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