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It’s a term that real estate professionals like to throw around. Comparables, or “comps”.  This terms refers to the process of reviewing other homes in the general area that are similar in size or location and style which have recently sold.  It’s part of the analysis to see how the property considered for sale stacks up against the competition.  While you want to consider what similar property types are currently listed at to see where you might fit it, it’s the recently sold properties that will give you a truer picture.

Comparables aren’t black and white

There are some grey areas when it comes to comparables.  While it is sort of a science, there are lots of variables which can be open to interpretation. 

For example, it’s important to look at

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See a house you really like?  Want to see the inside?  No problem – almost all residential listings in Calgary are available online, complete with price and a series of professionally shot photos.  There might even be a video tour offered.  In fact, you might even get a 3D tour of that home thanks to a new camera being used by the Calgary Real Estate Board.

The technology used by video game manufacturers has made its way to the real world.  If you watched the Olympic Games on TV recently, you likely noticed that CBC was offering a look at the games via “virtual reality” on its website, allowing you to look all over the stadium in Rio.

The Matterport Pro, purchased by CREB® for a cool $8,000, is currently being used to capture images for online 3D

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The mid-year shake down by the Calgary Real Estate Board shows that higher-priced properties in our city seem to have some staying power.

While the number of sales of residential properties priced at over $1 million is up in the first six months of 2016, from 347 the first six months of last year to 371 this year, those 24 additional transactions seem like a huge deal all things considered.

One would think that with layoffs happening every month and potential home sellers taking a wait-and-see approach, that if any type of property would be suffering the most, it would be the high-end big-ticket properties. 

Yes, home and condos – resale and new - priced in the millions are doing well.

Why is this happening?

CREB®’s chief economist

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Kitchens may be where the resale money is but bathrooms are tired of running a close second. Straight from the pages of Home and Garden are this year’s top trends in bathroom design and renovation. 

Basin Tubs

Free-standing bathtubs are the luxurious offspring of the old claw foot tubs.  We love us some deep dish bathtubs without the weird feet.  Today’s free-standing basin tubs remind us of being in a Roman spa.  They are classically designed with an inviting shape and have a thick rim.  If you have a claw foot tub and are in no hurry to get rid of it, you could build a skirt around it for modern appeal.

Tub and Shower Combination

You may be thinking, what?  What’s new about that?  The difference is that the shower head is beside the tub, not

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When you’re looking for a new home in Calgary, first impressions mean everything.   You either like it and want to see more, or you don’t. 

However, as the seller, curb appeal can be very subjective.  You may treasure the lawn ornaments in your front yard, collected from years of family vacations.  You might love your Carrigana hedge, maybe slightly bushy but it reminds you of your Grandmother’s farm in Manitoba.  Or your too-long front lawn is something you strive for because it’s a root preservation tactic.  However a potential buyer may not share your enthusiasm.

That’s why Calgary gardening guru Donna Balzer has decided to write the book on curb appeal in our city and is looking for help from Calgary home owners, house stagers and REALTORS®

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