October 2016

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Entertain in style this holiday and save time by letting a professional decorate your home for the holidays.  You want your house to shine, inside and out, and decorating done right can take up a lot of time.  No matter how creative you are, a professional will still be one step ahead of you.

Here are some Santa-approved reasons why you might want to outsource your holiday decorating.

You Have No Time

We are all crunched for time in one way or another. But people with serious time issues, like working mothers, single fathers or people who travel frequently want the Christmas sparkle to just appear.  Whether you want a decorator to work with your personal decorations or bring items into your home, they’ll do all the bulb-replacing, tree-assembling

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Your home is staged and ready to sell, but how does it smell?  You may be nose-blind to possible odours, and yes, being nose-blind really is a thing.  It’s an olfactory adaptation to familiar smells.  By turning off the receptors that pick up common every-day odours in your home, one is able to detect new and potentially hazardous odours.

Have you ever returned to your home in Calgary after being away and thought, gee – it’s musty in here.  But the next day you don’t smell it anymore?  You’ve become nose-blind.  You don't smell the pet odour, the musty furniture or the stale smell of cigarettes.

But getting back to selling your Calgary home – studies how that a majority of a person’s emotions can be triggered by a scent.  A smell can evoke memories

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You love the fall colours but hate cleaning up all those dead leaves in your yard.  Raking can be back-breaking and mulching seems so easy; yet some say it will damage your grass.  What is a home owner to do?

What the experts say

Fall leaves according to Scott’s Canada, a leading lawn care and fertilizer manufacturer, should be mulched.  It’s easier and the clean up can be done in an afternoon or less.  Apart from the labour involved, organic material has nutrients and by breaking down the leaves you’ll release those nutrients back onto the grass. Studies have been done at Purdue, Cornell and Michigan State Universities in this regard. Mulched leaves left over the winter didn’t damage the grass in any way or negatively impact the pH of the soil. 

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