December 2017

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What Should You Know About Canadian Mortgage Insurance?Are you a prospective buyer looking to apply for a mortgage loan in Canada? One of the additional costs which may be obligatory for some approved candidates is the requirement of paying Private Mortgage Insurance of PMI. Many Canadians are obligated to paying PMI. Therefore, it makes sense to understand whether or not one may have to budget for the additional expense when looking to purchase a Lynx Ridge home. If it will be hard to make a large down payment, more than likely if approved for a mortgage loan, mortgage insurance will also be necessary.

Learn more about PMI, changes to PMI, the purpose of PMI and issues with the current system today.

Private Mortgage Insurance

PMI, or Private Mortgage Insurance, is a standard requirement for

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What to Look for in a Home WarrantyBuying a home warranty can be a great idea for many reasons but before a buyer a home warranty, they should want to make sure they understand what they are getting. There are a lot of different ways that buyers can protect their home and a home warranty is a great option as long as they get a good plan that will actually protect what you expect it to protect in your Roxboro home.

How a Home Warranty Differs From Home Insurance

A home insurance policy is different than a home warranty regarding what each one covers. This is important to understand so a buyer can know what they are getting with a home warranty. A home warranty covers any appliance repairs within the home. They can sometimes also cover electrical or plumbing problems within the

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How to Choose Flooring for the Many Rooms in Your HomeThe floors of a home are far more than a support for your feet and furniture. They're a canvas a homeowner can use to personalize a home and increase its value. Flooring is the literal foundation upon which the rest of the room is built, and there's a lot to consider about how you can use it to transition from one room to the next. With all the options out there, it helps to have a few references to turn to before deciding on the perfect material for each space. All flooring types have special considerations to remember when selecting them for a room, as does the installation process for each type.


With so much splashing in a bathroom, homeowners need to beware of mildew and mold. Tiles are normally the most popular flooring choice

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