December 2018

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Fact Versus Fiction and Millennial HomebuyersThere are quite a few falsehoods being purveyed about millennial homebuyers, with ‘experts' and armchair statisticians alike purporting to know why this generation is hesitant to buy homes. However, millennials are one of the fastest growing generation of home buyers—far outpacing baby boomers. Here's another dose of reality that debunks three of the most common millennial Lynx Ridge home buying myths.

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Myth: Millennials Hold Too Much Student Loan Debt for Home Buying

The fact is that it's true that about 40 percent of millennials are graduating from college with hefty student loan debt, but this isn't

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Top Home Siding Options Available TodayThere are no hard and fast rules concerning how to choose home siding, and only a homeowner can decide what the best home siding is to suit their taste and budget. However, here are the top six options that are both attractive and resilient that are popular with Canadian Roxboro homeowners today.

Fiber Cement Siding

Highly in demand, fiber cement siding options such as Hardiplank are a bit more costly than similar options like vinyl, but generally considered well worthwhile. The manufacturer's warranty on durable fiber cement siding products are generally 30 years or longer, and this material is resistant to pests, water and fire. There is little to no maintenance needed beyond occasional cleanings and repainting as need or desired. Fiber

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