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A nice-looking driveway is an integral part of your home’s curb appeal.  It has to look nice, be durable, functional and long-lasting.  However, the material you choose for your driveway has to be attractive but more importantly, it has to be appropriate for your soil conditions, nearby vegetation and the climate in the area in which you live.  Should you pour concrete, spread asphalt or lay bricks and paving stones?   Let’s look at the options.


This is a popular middle-of-the-road choice because it’s durable, does not require a lot of maintenance and is great wherever.  You can do a lot with concrete these days with a wide variety of colours that you can add to the mix.  You can add texture so that it’s non-slip or etched to resemble

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Are you one of the 40% of homeowners in Canada that didn’t quite have enough money between paydays to keep your life going?  That’s how many Canadians are out there – four in 10 – that were caught short in the last 24 months according to a new survey just published.

This dismal picture was captured by Manulife Bank, which issued the survey results along with a warning that rising debit among Canadians could present a crisis among those homeowners that couldn’t absorb the extra expense that rising interest rates could bring. The banker also discovered that this is a troubling issue across every province and not just in major markets where expensive housing and huge mortgages are an issue.

Manulife Bank of Canada surveyed more than 2,300

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If you worry that your chosen exterior colour will clash with the neighbourhood, think smaller.  Think about what you’ve planted in your garden.  Or, what you’d like to plant.

Calgary gardening guru Donna Balzer offers some wise tips for home owners who have spent a lot of money on perennials and trees for their yard. That includes people who have purchased a brand new home that requires landscaping or who have completely renovating the exterior of your home.  You don’t want a colour disaster happening in your garden.

As Balzer explains, trees such as Blue-chip junipers won’t stand out if you plant them in front of dark blue siding or painted stucco.  Amur cherries are another example.  They have a fantastic copper-coloured bark.  If you plant

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