February 2017

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They’re tall, dark and handsome and provide big benefits for people who live in the city.  Trees aren’t just good looking, they’re good for us.

Trees in Calgary

When Calgary was in its infancy, those early municipal fathers pictured our city as an oasis on the bald prairie. They could see our wide streets lined with beautiful trees and lush parks.  It was in 1894 when quivering little trees were first planted along some of Calgary’s major thoroughfares – the very genesis of the urban forest that we know, love and protect today.  Little did those early Calgary pioneers understand the true science of trees in the city.

Many people may think that all the lovely tall trees in our most beloved parks are native to the area.  That might be true in

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Just 25-minutes due east of the City of Calgary lies Chestermere, offering so much life and so many possibilities that it can’t be called a bedroom community.  You can’t contain that much living in just one room.

Still growing and now a “city” in its own right, Chestermere is a vibrant, family-oriented community centred around a lake and connected pathways.  The lake was created a century ago when the Calgary District Irrigation Canal System was dug out of the prairie to bring water from the Bow River to area farmers and ranchers.  Small cottages appeared around the lake but once the value of the community was discovered the little community grew.  And grew.  Now there are luxury water-front residences around the lake and have become very

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