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Next to the exclusive neighbourhood of Heritage Pointe just south of Calgary’s city limits is the next estate community of Artesia.

The popularity of Heritage Pointe, a luxury lake and golf course community west of Highway 2 on the Pine Creek Valley area on the Bow River, precipitated the building of new estate community just next door. Artesia offers the same breath-taking mountain vistas, generous estate lots on a variety of elevations to maximize views with the country-life style perfect for a growing family.

Five builders are participating in this new luxury real estate community.  The Heritage Pointe developer responsible for Artesia wanted an executive neighbourhood that would equal or rival its DeWinton golf course community, now more than 20

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Renting or owning anything can be a very hard decision to make. However, when it comes to renting or owning a luxury condo in Calgary the decision can be quite clear.

The Disadvantages of Owning

In most situations it would be more advantageous to own instead of renting, but in the case of luxury condos in Calgary, it doesn’t make sense. After you pay your down payment and your monthly mortgage, you still have other expenses such as your condo fees and your property taxes. Those fees will usually put you over the cost of renting in Calgary, which is generally around $5,000 a month.

You might think that it’s not really a big deal that rent is less than your mortgage because you own it and the money is going towards paying off your condo. However,

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Could the City of Calgary’s new develop plan push home prices higher?

A public policy group thinks so and says that’s not a good thing. 

Plus, the plan will make getting around town very difficult.

A Univeristy of Calgary urban economist has studied Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan and he thinks people who want to live close to their work place will have to pay more for their home or more in rent. Plus they’ll actually spend more time commuting.

Richard Arnott, who recently released a report on his findings through the policy group, was commenting on the City’s call for creating high density communities.  He says that low density may not be a bad thing after all. 

Arnott believes an appropriate level of density in urban areas can strike

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If you are searching for an Eco-friendly atmosphere with a down-home feel, you haven't got to search any further because the Farm Restaurant supplies only local, fresh ingredients. This is the place to go for local talent and products you will totally enjoy.

Janice Beaton has marveled with heartfelt food for more than thirty years focusing on culture and the community. Even as a child, Janice would watch the thickening milk as it was blossoming into an excellent cheese. Currently at the Farm, you will see that dedication with the culinary team and its talented staff of service personnel.

Holiday Parties

If you are planning holiday parties, go online and order some festive cheeses sure to please every party goer. While you are there, sign up for

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When you’re thinking about where to put house guests, think about this.  How many times a year do you actually use that spare bedroom to put up company?   And you are thinking of building a guest bedroom downstairs, would you really rather use your basement for a theatre room or perhaps that new billiard table?

Sometimes the only solution is to move to a new house which is always an exciting proposition.  In the meantime, think about whether installing a wall bed is right for you.

Wall beds are often referred to as Murphy beds.  They were named after Bill Murphy of San Francisco.  He designed this closet-type of bed in the late 1800s and took out the first patent.  The patent has been changed many times since then and the Murphy name is finally a

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We in Alberta enjoy 333 of sunshine-filled days every year.  It makes sense to harness this natural and freely-given resource to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and did we mention save money?  

According to Sky Fire Energy, Calgary’s leading residential solar energy provider, installing solar energy panels on your home and connecting it to the grid is not that difficult.  There are only a few hundred homes out of the tens of thousands of homes in Calgary taking advantage of solar energy.  But there are so many reasons, in addition to adding resale value to your home, why adding solar to your energy mix is a smart idea. 

Reduce your Utility Bill 

As solar technology advances, the cost of equipment comes down making solar a good

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Located on Elbow River Drive in Calgary, Alberta is a green, lush 45 hole golf course called Glencoe Golf and Country Club.

What Can You Expect

Glencoe offers indoor/outdoor practice facilities as well as a progressive Junior Programs for all ages. Wedding packages and corporate invitational tournaments are also not only welcomed but encouraged.  

Pleasant Dining

Glencoe Country Golf and Country Club offers several options for dining.

The Spike Lounge

The Spike Lounge is a terrific place to mingle with friends. It is a relaxing sports bar type environment with high tables and soft seating. Only members 18 years and older are aloud, but the Spike can hold up to 76 members at a time plus 36 for al fresco seating.

Valley View Room


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Located in the historical Bank of Canada Building in downtown Alberta is a fabulous restaurant called Catch. The service is flawless and the ambiance has a modern and trendy feel to it. It fits right into what most people are looking for in a restaurant: tasty food, good service, and a pleasant environment.

Executive chef, Daniel Norcott, uses only the freshest ingredients and combinations of flavours that is absolutely tantalizing. He uses 100 percent sustainable seafood and Alberta beef that is sure to please the palate.  When you eat here, you know where your food comes from and can enjoy the delicious tastes that Canada has to offer.

The Menu

For an appetizer, try a savoury Tomato Consommé, Tuna and Crab Roll, or a Caesar Salad, and the Prawn

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Pruning, or cutting back is necessary to keep your valuable trees, shrubs and hedges healthy and under control.  If left to grow without regular maintenance, trees and shrubbery will take away from your home’s curb appeal instead of adding to it. Besides the visual appeal, a study by Money Magazine indicates that when it comes to the resale home market, home owners can realize a 200% return on money invested in good landscaping. 

Upkeep of the plant life surrounding your home can be done any time of year.  Fall is a great time to take inventory of the growth that’s occurred over the summer.  Fall clean-up is underway, so why not include the extra twigs and branches from pruning. 

You can always call a professional arborist to assist with pruning,

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