April 2016

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The art of taking kitchen scraps and using them in the garden is not new.  Composting has morphed from standard farm kitchen procedure to hippie commune idea to being a mainstream must-do thing.

Today, yard waste, kitchen waste, dryer lint, coffee grounds and even chicken bones are recycled as compost, not always for the benefit of gardens which we may or may not have, but for the benefit of keeping this unnecessary waste out of the landfill.  And with today’s curbside pickup service from private firms and municipalities, it seems quite ordinary now to keep your rotten tomatoes in a bucket under the sink til the next pickup day.

New technologies

A firm called Hop Compost has been working in Calgary since last year and has kept almost a million

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We love our dogs but hate what they to do the grass.  It’s glaringly apparent in spring when the grass turns green everywhere but your pup’s favourite pee spot.

No doubt neighbours have given you all kinds of advice of home remedies of what to feed your dog or put on the ground to neutralize the damage.  That includes giving your dog tomato juice (heard that one?) to putting sugar on the grass where your dog has just gone.  Some might be successful, some not.

What we do know

A doggie’s urine contains high volumes of nitrogen.   This is what is burning or killing the grass.  It’s what happens when you put too much lawn fertilizer on one spot. You’ll notice that the grass circling a pee spot is quite green and grows quickly.  That’s because diluted

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Countless fires happen every year because of faulty electrical in the home.  Wiring, incorrect use of extension cords, faulty appliances – the list goes on and on and a lot of fires can be prevented.

Start with your breaker panel

Whether you have a fuse box or breaker panel, you should know when the last inspection was. There should be a label indicating the date of your last inspection, and this is important if you are not the original owner of your home.  The City of Calgary, like most municipalities in the country, requires you to have your panel inspected only if you have renovated or added more electrical from an addition.  However, there are many consumer advocacy groups that recommend having a professional check your electrical every decade

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