December 2015

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A big beautiful kitchen in your luxury home starts with a good design.  The very first priority, whether you’re designing it yourself or if you’re working with a professional, is to look at your lifestyle and to consider that activities in the kitchen must be supported by the layout and amenities in the kitchen.  Only then can you create a map of your kitchen, understanding the workflow that needs to take place there.

Designate your workspace

When designing the flow you can establish where designated work areas should be.  Once you’ve identified the primary spaces, either for food preparation, cooking, clean up, dish storage, paperwork areas and entertainment hubs, then you can decide where cabinets should be placed.  Designate areas for each of

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We all know that famous Christmas movie when the sincere but inept Clark Griswold slides off the roof of his home while putting up Christmas decorations.

Funny in a movie, but not in real life.

Christmas light installation is becoming big business as home owners realize that a professional can put up more lights, in less time and in a safe manner.  Plus, to get that perfect Pinterest or Houzz look, it takes a crew of people with big ladders and even a truck with a bucket.

Hiring an installation company to decorate the exterior is a great idea for seniors, too.

Hire Wisely

Since hanging Christmas lights is purely seasonal it’s an easy job for landscaping, construction, arborists or roofing companies to pick up since winter is an off-season.

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