April 2018

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Common Types of Closing CostsBuyers spend so much time saving for the down payment, they may not realize how much in closing costs they will also have to pay. This guide identifies common closing costs buyers should expect to have ready before they complete the sale.

Home Inspection and Appraisal

One of the most important aspects of the home buying process is the home inspection. This is a thorough check of the structure of the home and its systems to confirm that everything is in working order and generally good condition. Home buyers typically have to pay for the home inspection. The appraisal is equally vital to the sale, as it confirms for the lender that the sale price does not exceed the home's fair market value. The lender may pay for the appraisal, but home

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What to Do About Foundation DamageThere may be some cause for concern when small cracks begin to develop. Homeowners who see cracks form over doors or window may want to get more information about foundation damage. Homeowners can take steps to address such issues and while some repairs are affordable, serious concerns that require replacing the foundation may be expensive. However, not all cracks should serve as a red flag for Canadian homeowners or cause them to dig deep to cover repair costs.

Learn more about foundation damage and what homeowners may need to do about it today.

Cracks Can Be a Common Sight

Changing temperatures can cause construction materials to contract and expand. Both shrinkage and cracks may develop due to such events, as masonry and poured concrete

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5 Must-Know Tips For Buying in a Seller’s MarketFor a seller, a seller’s market is the ideal time to put their home up for sale. It means that there are far more buyers looking to purchase a new home than there are homes available, which in turn means that prices are likely to be driven up by the demand. However, for buyers, a seller’s market can be tricky not only because there’s more competition, but because many of the normal guidelines for buying a home no longer apply. Here are five essential tip every home buyer needs to know when trying to purchase a home in a seller’s market.

1. View Homes As Soon As Possible

When it comes to home showings, most people like to do them on weekends when there aren’t as many obligations to juggle. However, in a seller’s market, waiting until the

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