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As a hobby or as an investment, the art of wine appreciation and collection is growing in popularity in Calgary.  As more Calgary home owners take up wine collection, the demand for custom builders to provide space for a cellar is also increasing.  This feature in high-end Calgary homes reflects the collector himself and is as elegant, rustic, small or large as the homeowner demands.  Storage space, display cases, a tasting area – it’s all part and parcel of this new vintage of wine collector.

When planning for a wine cellar, whether you’re in the blue print stage of a new custom home or renovating existing space, there are a few questions that your contractor should ask:

The purpose of your wine room

Most luxury home owners who collect wine want

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There are some colours which highlight all that is wrong in your bathroom.   Brown can be one of them.

Brown, especially dark brown, isn’t the wrong colour in all cases.  For example, an ornate powder room painted in a dark brown with a beautiful mirror straight out of Snow White, wall scones with soft lighting and sparkling fixtures can seem like a jewelry box.

However, for Joe Ordinary bathroom, brown can do a few nasty things such as:

  • Emphasizing your flimsy baseboards
  • Shining a spot light on tacky white plastic switch plates.
  • Making your brown towels and bathmat appear dirty.
  • Turning your cream-colour floor or shower curtain a gloomy shade of ugly.

Brown bathrooms don’t age well and despite your best efforts to scrub it

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If you're new to skiing, it's best to start skiing at the resort that is known to be the best for beginners and Sun Peaks Resort is known to be just that. It consists of a friendly vibe with plenty of beginner's slopes to choose from that are conveniently located right off the centre of the village and lifts. There are plenty of opportunities to learn here as well.

The Ski School

Sun Peaks Resort has a fantastic ski school that gives you plenty of versatility with either half or full days of ski classes. Their learn to Ski/Snowboard packages include lessons, lift pass, and rental equipment to give you everything you need as a beginner.

The Property

The resort consists of three gorgeous peaks including Mount Tod, Mount Morrisey, and Sundance.

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Olympic Park has become a well-known site for several activities and has become home to several year round activities. For those of you who are more of a sports enthusiast this is going to be right up your alley. With so many things to do you'll find yourself frequenting this place and doing something different all the time. Here are just a few of the many things you can partake in while visiting Olympic Park.

Mountain Biking

One great way to get the heart pumping while seeing the beautiful and picturesque scenery is with biking. There are 11 bike trails to be exact allowing you to pick a different one each day. There are chairlifts that can take you to some of the more challenging bike trails allowing you to see some of the best views as compared

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It’s not unusual for Calgary luxury homes to have a triple-car garage but that’s often not enough room to tinker with vintage vehicles, posh cars and collector motorcycles.

Where to “Stash” your collection

The Stash is a new luxury garage with storage and service bays for luxury vehicles, located between Calgary and Okotoks on Highway 2A.  It’s handy for those living in the south part of Calgary, Heritage Pointe and De Winton.

The Stash offers luxury car owners 38 condominium-style bays, each just over 1,200 square-feet which is large enough for six vehicles.  Bays are available for purchase at quarter of a million dollars each, with monthly condo fees in the $150 range.   Washrooms and a mezzanine are available to owners, for an extra

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