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There's something new and exciting happening at Zoolights this year! This is the first time that visitors can skate while enjoying all of the excitement of zoo lights at the same time! If you love the outdoors, animals and skating, you can have it all this year at the Calgary Zoo.

From 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM the skating rink will be open just across from the Eurasian Gateway on the West Lawn. You have the option of bringing your own skates or you can rent helmets and skates at the skate shack. The Calgary Zoo has partnered with KidSport™ Calgary this year and their rentals are free of charge.

When you're finished skating you can relax and warm up beside the fire pit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Other activities available at zoo lights this year include

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Although prospective home buyers are not always necessarily going to be looking for a luxurious countertop, most people that are looking at luxury homes will expect one. A luxury home just isn't going to cut it if it doesn't come with a high-end counter. Although many people opt for granite countertops, there are other options available that may be better suited for your home.

Granite countertops

These are the high-end countertops that also come with a reputation of distinction and elegance. They are heavy counters made of natural stone and are simply beautiful. The problem with granite, however, is that it needs to be re-sealed once per year. The sealant protects it from liquids so that it doesn't get stained.

Quartz countertops


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Whether you're looking for a historic luxury home or one that offers breathtaking scenic views, you can find them in the northwest quadrant of Calgary. Some of the best high-end homes can be found in this section of the city.

At the southern part of the northwest section you'll find the Bow River escarpment and to the north you'll see the scenic terrain. This section extends east to Centre St. and heads west towards the mountains. With 60 spacious communities in this part of town and with approximately half offering luxury homes for sale that are valued at $1 million or more, this is one of the areas where you may want to start your home search.

In the part of the northwest quadrant that is closest to the city you'll find historic properties. These

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If you're planning on buying a luxury condo in the near future you're going to be better protected. The Condominium Property Amendment Act will add 50 amendments to the current legislation to bring it up to date. This follows 18 months of consulting with stakeholder groups to isolate the key changes that needed to be made.

These changes will apply to all types of condos including luxury condominiums in Alberta. Home buyers will be better protected with more disclosures including information on new home warranties and a notice about any changes that are made to the purchase agreement. If you're planning on buying a new condo, the developer will now have to place the cash deposit into an account with an authorized trustee.

Overall, builders and

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