Quick Tips to Create a Functional Home Office

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 at 9:10am.

Easy Home Office Ideas to Streamline Your WorkspaceThose who work from home or require a quiet space for computer-related endeavors will likely want to keep their home office zone separate from common living spaces. And when it comes time to sell a home, a home office is always an asset. So whether one decides to convert a spare bedroom or create a nook in a garage or attic space, here are some quick ways to create a home office that's cozy and functional.

Consider a Flexible Standing Desk

Working long hours from home often means many hours sitting in a chair, which can negatively impact health and result in soreness in the body. However, standing desks are all the rage in both traditional and home office spaces. By alternating between sitting and standing during the workday, some experience better levels of focus and concentration than those who continually sit at the desk.

Invest in an Ergonomically Friendly Office Chair

During times when sitting is a must, why not be comfortable and ergonomically correct in posture? Don't skimp and buy a cheap chair if the home office will be used daily, as they tend to break easy and can certainly feel uncomfortable after a long computer session. There are a number of models that feature adjustable arms and specialized back features to ease woes for full time office workers.

Use Vertical Space Wisely

Home offices benefit from vertical storage implements such as shelving units and desk armoires that help keep books and office supplies neatly organized and out of the way of workspace. Those limited on floor space should consider floating shelves that install quickly and are very affordable. Invest in a filing cabinet if necessary to ease the burden of finding needed papers and files quickly with less aggravation.

Use Streamlined Wireless Technology

Bundles of cords connecting your computer and other devices can be distracting and make it challenging to keep the office space feeling organized and tidy. When moving into a new home office, go ahead and invest in wireless keyboards, mice, printers, internet and other devices that are frequently used as a part of business operations. Wireless devices make it easy to stay connected without the hassle of multiple cords.

If you are considering doing any major structural changes to your Lynx Ridge home to create a home office space, be sure to contact a professional home remodeling contractor to ensure that your space is safe, legal and tax deductible.

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