REALTORS®asked to help write the book on Curb Appeal

Posted by on Monday, August 1st, 2016 at 10:16am.

When you’re looking for a new home in Calgary, first impressions mean everything.   You either like it and want to see more, or you don’t. 

However, as the seller, curb appeal can be very subjective.  You may treasure the lawn ornaments in your front yard, collected from years of family vacations.  You might love your Carrigana hedge, maybe slightly bushy but it reminds you of your Grandmother’s farm in Manitoba.  Or your too-long front lawn is something you strive for because it’s a root preservation tactic.  However a potential buyer may not share your enthusiasm.

That’s why Calgary gardening guru Donna Balzer has decided to write the book on curb appeal in our city and is looking for help from Calgary home owners, house stagers and REALTORS® willing to share stories on how to create the best first impression.  Entitled “Curb Appeal: Sell Your House Faster”, Balzer is still doing research to help take that subjectivity out of the buying process.

Part of this research will help determine:

  • What type of sidewalks capture immediate interest – straight or curved?
  • Do hedges make impact or does a prospective buyer just see “work”? in
  • Do buyers love to see annual beds or just a clean front lawn?
  • Are today’s environmentally conscious Calgary home buyers interested in no lawn at all?

Balzer is interested in stories and in photos from professionals in Calgary’s real estate scene that depict amazing homes with excellent curb appeal as well as not-so-amazing photos.  This will help depict “does and don’ts” or curb appeal in Calgary.

The deadline for submission is the middle of August by emailing her at

How this book will help REALTORS®

Professionals in Calgary real estate want sellers to get the most money for their home and often, it can be a bit of a battle when owners are emotionally invested in their home and want potential buyers to love it as much as they do.

If the curb appeal of their home needs a bit of work and suggestions aren’t being well received, giving them a book written by a Calgarian, about homes in Calgary, may help get the message across.  Once Balzer is finished with her research this fall, watch for it through her website or in your favourite Calgary book store.

12 things to increase curb appeal

  • Keep front lawns green, trimmed and weed free
  • Trim hedges as short as possible and remove dead branches on bushes and trees.
  • Remove weeds in unused flower beds.  In fall, keep up with falling leaves.
  • In winter keep front walk and steps clear of snow and ice.
  • Paint rusting front railings.
  • Remove garden ornaments if there are more than one or two.
  • Repair fences or remove completely.
  • Move vehicles that are in disrepair from the street or driveway.
  • Change rusting house numbers and mail boxes.
  • Wash the front of the house and keep windows sparkling.  Same goes for the front door.
  • Touch up paint around wooden window frames.
  • Remove broken blinds in front-facing windows.

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