11 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home Before You Sell It!

How do you get the most out of your property? This is a common question that potential home sellers have when they are looking to sell their home. No one wants to spend a ton of money if they don't have to; here we present a list of simple, and inexpensive, things you can do to freshen up the look of your home and get more when you sell.

1. Paint the inside! The value of a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls simply can't be overstated. When you consider the investment you would be putting in, it really does offer the best return. It's recommended that you utilize neutral colours with softer earth tones; this serves the dual purpose of making the room appear larger and assisting potential homebuyers in visualizing themselves in that home, without the distraction that bright or obnoxious colours may pose.

2. Paint the outside! This will be one of the first things that a potential homebuyer will have a look at. You only get one crack at a first impression, so make it the best you can. There are few things that will tarnish a first impression quicker than faded or cracked paint, or outdated colours. If weather permits, it's recommended that you go with lighter, neutral colours in order to appeal to the largest range of tastes; you don't want to turn off a potential sale with a poorly chosen colour.

3. Clean/Declutter the outside. More to the point in terms of the importance of the first impression is a clean exterior. Make the effort and spend a few hours raking leaves, mowing the lawns and decluttering the patio. You want to make it as easy as possible for homebuyers to picture themselves relaxing on the patio, amongst a well-manicured lawn and hedge.

4. Depersonalize/Declutter Your Home. People love their stuff, and part of the joy of owning your house is being able to personalize it with as much as your stuff as you like, so that it becomes your home. Although perfect for creating a cozy and appealing home to come to every night, it isn't the best way to attract homebuyers. You want to create a space that is free of clutter and items that are too personal so that the homebuyer can more easily picture their own stuff, and their own families in that space. You want to the house to appear warm and inviting!

5. Open up your house. If you've done the work to clean up and declutter your home, make sure that homebuyers can see it. Ensure that all blinds and drapes are open to allow as much natural light in as possible. The cascades of natural light will aid in creating a bright home with a warm and inviting feeling.

6. No music. There is no way to account for the individual tastes of all your guests during a showing or open house. To avoid turning off any potential homebuyers, it's often best just to hit the mute button.

7. Set the right price, from the start. Any buzz surrounding a newly listed home tends to taper off within a few weeks of that initial listing. Despite popular wisdom, picking the right price from the outset can be critical as the most activity surrounding a new listing takes place within those first few weeks. A popular belief is that you can always come down in price. This goes against working toward a quicker sale, as homebuyers will become leery as to why a home has remained on the market so long, suspecting that something may be wrong with it. By selecting a correct and fair price, you will likely attract more interest and more traffic viewing that home.

8. Clean those carpets. The simple solution is oftentimes the best one. Keeping your home clean may seem like a no-brainer but taking that extra step of getting your carpets professionally cleaned will bring added value. A professional cleaning can often breathe new life into your tired, old carpets.

9. Consider staging the home. Home staging is a proven method to speed up sales and increase a home's appeal. Oftentimes, your real estate agent will be able to recommend a quality home stager, or may even have one on staff. These professionals are experts in making your home as appealing as possible to the potential homebuyer.

10. New linens and towels. These bright accents will instantly change the look of your bedroom or bathroom. For a minimal investment you can do a great to deal to update the look and feel of those essential rooms.

11. Try out wallpaper. Tread carefully when it comes to wallpaper. The material is making a comeback but try to stick to lighter, neutral themes and colours. Lighter colours will make a room look larger, but a garish or complex design may turn off a potential buyer.

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