10 Tips That Make Selling Your Home Easy

1 - What Will You Miss?

What are those details that you will remember down the road? Every home has a few of those very memorable features that you will remember long after you've moved out. It can be very helpful to make a list of those very memorable features. Those features that stand out the most as most special to you are bound to stand out for others as well. It can be very effective to highlight these features to potential buyers.

2 - Know Your Home

Make sure to do your research when it comes to lot size, utility cost, taxes and other similar information. These are the answers to the questions that many homebuyers will be asking of you. It pays to have this information readily available for the convenience of a potential buyer. You will come off as more credible and the homebuyer won't have to look elsewhere.

3 - What's Been Done?

It's important to have information on any repairs, alterations or improvements that have been completed to your home during your time in it. Homebuyers and agents will want to know this information as well as when it was completed, how much it cost, and who did the work. Your home may have been built in the 1970s but several updates have improved large portions of it. It can be an important selling feature to be able substantiate any improvements that have been made. It can be a good idea to keep any information like this in a binder, to be easily accessible to both potential homebuyers and agents.

4 - Light Bulbs

This may seem like an obvious one but replacing a bulb can improve a room significantly. A higher wattage can do a great deal to brighten up a room and make it appear more spacious. Make sure to check the maximum wattage and be careful not to exceed the recommended limits. To add a fresh smell to some of the rooms in your home, try adding a drop of vanilla extract to a lamp's bulb.

5 - Remove Any Items That You Want To Take With You

If you are partial to a particular wall mount or light fixture and are planning to take it with you to your new home, be sure to remove it. Any such items that are left up when homebuyers begin to the view the house will be perceived as included. It can be tough to negotiate such items away after an offer has been made.

6 - Keep Those Gutters Clean

When you are selling your home, you have to be ready to show it to a potential buyer at any time. Don't let an ill-timed rainstorm spoil your chances of a sale. Ensure your gutters are cleaned out to prevent spill overs. Also, extension are great for moving water away from your house's base and the foundation. These simple precautions demonstrate your commitment to your home.

7 - Have a Building Inspector Take a Look

Many potential homebuyers hire building inspectors to thoroughly check out a home before they buy it. Don't be caught unawares. By hiring a building inspector yourself, you want be caught off guard if issues arise. Plus, it's a good idea to have an understanding of what type of work needs to be done. You will then have the opportunity to take care of any repairs before issues arise.

8 - Don't Worry!

Or at least don't appear to be too anxious to sell your home. Spitting out too many facts about your home can come off as desperate and serve to turn off potential buyers. It can be valuable to let your real estate agent handle any negotiations with potential buyers; they are practiced in this kind of negotiation and will be able to project a calmer demeanor.

9 - Know Your Home's Value

It can be extremely beneficial to have an independent appraiser assess your house, especially if you are selling it on your own. You can then be confident in your home's value when listing it for sale and speaking with potential buyers.

10 - Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions

Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the home selling process. Give us a call at (403) 217-0003, anytime. Selling a home independently can be incredibly stressful and time consuming; let us handle the fine details and make it easy for you.

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