Simple Ideas to Upgrade Home Cabinetry

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 11:17am.

Easy and Affordable Ways to Upgrade Home CabinetryThose not into that retro look but without a lot of money to spend on renovating an entire room may want to look into how small changes can improve the look of a space. When it comes to home cabinetry in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, it is relatively easy to make affordable upgrades to create a space that is more attractive and functional. Upgraded kitchens often help sell a home more quickly and for more money. Explore a few home cabinetry improvement projects today.

Homeowners Looking for ROI

Even though homeowners looking to get a high return on investment (ROI) often renovate their kitchens, average costs for a kitchen renovation can vary. The extent of the project, the quality of the materials, the size of the kitchen and when a home is listed can all impact the estimated ROI. New cabinetry can consume a good portion of the budget for a kitchen upgrade.

That being said, upgrading kitchen cabinets can do much to boost the aesthetic appeal of the space. Custom cabinetry often offers more options but at an additional expense. Those looking for a more budget-friendly option are surprised by the current variety of choices with standard options. However, there is plenty that homeowners can do before changing out their cabinetry while addressing common issues.

Take on Tired-Looking Cabinetry

The cabinetry is made well but looks dated. One way to refresh its appearance is with a fresh coat of paint. Semi-gloss enamel paint is recommended for painting cabinets. Add interest to the area by using complementary colors on cabinets and kitchen islands.

Existing cabinets with good bones can also be refaced or resurfaced. Cabinets remain in the same location while they get a new look. This eliminates the need to demolish older cabinets and install new ones. Refinishing cabinetry involves sanding and either painting or staining for a facelift on the cheap. Project costs are lower for resurfacing than for replacing cabinets.

Brighten a Dimly lit Space

Lighting installed in and around cabinets is more than a functional improvement—it can make an area more inviting! Task-lighting can be used under cabinet fixtures with uplighting on top cabinets. Energy-efficient LED fixtures are a long-lasting option. Dimmable task lighting in kitchens is often appreciated for the variety of activities that take place in this area.

Another way to bring in more light naturally is with open shelving. This easy task is accomplished by taking off the doors and sometimes the back from current cabinets, allowing light and air to easily move through the interior spaces. This can help closed-off kitchens feel more airy and spacious.

It can get expensive to invest in all new kitchen cabinetry, especially when it comes to complete room to room cabinetry. Those who already have well-crafted kitchen cabinetry may only need to add a fresh coat of paint, new handles and well-placed lighting to enhance the look. A little elbow grease and a few basic supplies can provide a fresh look at the fraction of the cost of new cabinetry.

Listing a Home Soon?

Every homeowner deserves a bright and functional kitchen. Those who are thinking of selling an Aspen Woods home may want to keep in mind that neutral colors help sellers cast a wider net. Consider beige, white, navy and cream when painting in the kitchen. Homeowners looking to increase their investment on home improvement projects may want to check out the kitchens of local comps to determine how much they would like to set aside to upgrade home cabinetry, flooring, lighting and more.

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