Home Security Information for First Time Homeowners

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 at 8:56am.

What You Need to Know About Home Security SystemsHome security systems give homeowners the peace of mind they need to feel safe when they spend time inside or away from their home. There are different types of home security systems. Some are DIY, others are installed, monitored and maintained by private companies. Knowing the difference between these home security systems can help homeowners pick the product that best meets their needs.

Which Homes Need Security Systems?

Home security systems are good for safety as well as theft prevention. Many are connected to smoke detectors and other systems of the home, to alert the homeowner when there is a problem like a leak or a fire on the property. Any home is vulnerable to these disasters, and thus, nearly any home can benefit from a home security system installation.

In addition, homeowners who live in high-crime areas are often drawn to home security systems. First and foremost, home security systems help prevent property crimes like theft, vandalism and breaking and entering. Homeowners who feel unsafe in their home or who live in high-crime areas are often able to prevent crime and protect their property by installing a home security system.

What Are the Types of Home Security Systems Available?

There are generally two types of home security systems: professional and DIY. Before a homeowner can decide which type is right for them, they must first know the differences between these two systems.

Professional Home Security Systems

Professional home security systems are installed and maintained by a dedicated company. Usually professional home security systems are monitored by the company that performs the installation. If an alarm goes off, the company sends a representative to the home to investigate. Often, professional home security systems are connected to the smoke detector in the home. These alarms detect smoke, movement and other changes in the house that could be indicative of a problem.

For a monthly cost, homeowners are kept informed about any problems occurring in the house, but it is the alarm company that will investigate if there is a problem on the property.

DIY Home Security Systems

DIY home security systems are usually made up of a combination of smart products like smart locks and smart video camera systems. Homeowners connect their smart locks and smart home monitoring equipment up to their home assistant. The system sends alerts by smart phone to the homeowner as needed throughout the day.

These Bayview new luxury home security systems are desirable because they have no monthly costs, but DIY home security systems are not always ideal. DIY security systems require the homeowner to do their own monitoring and contact the police in the event that they believe there is a problem. This puts more pressure on the homeowner.

How Can You Decide Which Type to Buy?

Homeowners who are on a budget often choose to purchase a DIY home security system because the costs are one-time. However, DIY security systems require homeowners to be savvy with technology, and available to monitor their own equipment. Homeowners who have no time to monitor their own equipment and who have money to spend on a monthly service may be happier with a professional home security company.

If you're a homeowner who would like to have your own home security system, and you're not sure which type of system is right for you, contact a reputable home security company in your area for a quote. Once you know the monthly costs and commitment, this can help you decide whether or not you're ready for such a system at your home.

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