Renovating Your Backyard? These Tips Can Help

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 12:18pm.

Backyard Renovation Ideas for HomeownersThere are many things you can do to make your backyard more exciting. Knowing what works and what can make a Brittania homeowner's backyard a more attractive and entertaining place to spend time can help you turn it into a valuable outdoor space.

Create a Seating Area

Backyards need seating areas. The best seating areas are shaded and comfortable even in the heat of day. Add a table for eating foods or sharing drinks with friends. To create shade, install a canvas or an umbrella over the space. For a more permanent and stable form of shade, consider a pergola.

When installing a pergola, choose a vining plant to grow over the wooden structure. Something vining, lightweight and perennial is best. A self-seeding plant, like a morning glory, would also be acceptable. Avoid fruiting vines, like grapes, as this will attract bees and make a mess in the later parts of the year.

Add Lighting

Lighting makes your backyard space more enjoyable in the evening. Lighting can take many forms, including solar-powered garden lighting, hanging lanterns and even a fire pit. If installing electrical lights that must be connected to a power grid, contact an electrician to perform the installation. This will help ensure the lights are installed safely.

Install a Path

Paths add visual interest to the backyard, and also make it easier to travel from one side of the yard to the other without cutting a rut through the grass. Pathways are easy to install. Simply dig up the upper crust of the soil where the path with be installed, lay down stone dust, then install pavers over the stone dust.

When In Doubt, Hire a Professional

There are many things about renovating your backyard that can be intimidating if you're not used to performing in-depth DIY projects. When in doubt, hire a professional to get the work done. Hire a contractor to ensure that your pergola, pathway or electrical lights are installed properly. This can ensure the work will be done well, and that your backyard renovation will increase the value of your home.

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